Tassie Small

Tassie Small is a Licensed Holistic Esthetician, but she is not an ordinary Esthetician.  Her method to skin care today has been developed through a process of twists and turns that has placed her on the path of helping and empowering people to take an individual approach to maintaining their skin and health in a holistic way.  Her approach to life and her profession has led her to a belief that we all play a part in the grand scheme of life no matter how big or small our part may be.  In the end there is greater purpose and she found hers in skin care.

Her book is a discovery of purpose.  Through Tassie’s journey of learning about her own skin and going through a serious skin attack she was truly awakened to the call and purpose on her life, “to help people restore and value the skin they’re in”.  Tassie takes you through her process of skin discovery in a rather fun, amusing, and transparent way that will show you why she has such a passion for skin care, and will help you have a passion for caring for your skin. This is not a book just on taking care of your skin, rather it’s teaching you things you might not have known about your skin, and helping you find purpose in YOUR own skin.

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