Felicia Jamison

Felicia is a dynamic speaker, author and healing coach. A season of disappointing events in her life became the fuel to propel her into seeking knowledge on emotional healing. She is the author of Rain On Your Face. Her book is full of refreshing words of courage, strength and restoration to the reader. She believes a failed relationship does not mean you are a failure. Felicia is ready to connect to her Triangle community to share this message of hope and healing after disappointments or painful life events. Her book shows the reader that life is enjoyable when we pick the right perspective. Every human should have an emotional life that is full of abundant peace.
She is also the director of American Life Caribbean Mission a 501C3 Non-profit . Her mission is mentoring students in Trench Town Jamaica and providing scholarships to college students at UWI Jamaica. In her nursing career she is a Wound Nursing Consultant.

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