E. Gale Buck

E. Gale Buck started writing in 1983 to answer a problem. More than 200 stories later, tales spun for his wife Christy and their three daughters, Saint Nicholas recognized his talents as writer and storyteller. Nicholas recruited Gale to tell The Magic that is Truly Christmas.  This magic now includes two volumes of adventures in learning and sharing with Santa – The Woodsman’s Tale and Finding Nicholas; another volume, A Quiet Service, is currently in review. When not sharing The True Magic of Christmas, Gale is sharing stories that reveal the magic in our lives. He is an award winning storyteller. Never idle, Gale is also working to complete a fifteen-year project about the settling of the Scottish Highlands, filled with romance, faeries, hags, and the rewards of survival — Vrenessbith. Gale and Christy live in and venture from Raleigh, NC.


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