Deborah Hining

Deborah Hining believes that life is pretty much perfect as long as it holds a sense of destiny. Her destiny has led her to be many things: wife, mother, and grandmother, and also actress, award-winning playwright, theatrical director, college instructor, and Certified Financial Planner (or as she calls it, “Financial Fairy Godmother”). Now she is a farmer and author.

Deborah lives at Corinne’s Orchard, a farm in Durham County, North Carolina, with her husband, architect Michael Hining, daughter Mary Elizabeth, an artist, and son-in-law, Nick, a chef. Her son, George, daughter-in-law, Julie, and granddaughter, Corinne, live just a few miles away. You can find her most days working in one of the gardens, writing, being Grandma, and generally giving thanks for her abundant life.

She has also been awarded the IndieFab Book of the Year Bronze Medal Winner in Romance and the Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medal Winner. Deborah will be at the Light Messages Publishing table during the Exhibitor Fair.

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