Carol A. Strickland

When you think of strong women and strange worlds, think Carol A. Strickland.

Carol is currently producing a superhero adventure series, THREE WORLDS, that contains a lot of romance. She’s also the author of free-standing f/sf books with romantic elements, as well as one lonely sweet historical romance that has neither a lord nor lady anywhere in sight. She likes humor in her books, though not enough to claim they’re humor books. Life is not serious!

A one-time comics letterhack and outspoken member of various comics message boards, Carol has found herself the basis for two comic book villains (at times her opinions have not been taken well by the books’ creators) (both villains were soundly thrashed) (and both, for some perverse reason, were male) and had one superhero wear her costume design. (Light Lass!)

Carol has also become an award-winning painter. Along with her writing, she exercises this skill in her secondary hours (both of them) as she waits for the lottery to free her 9-to-5 time to more fulfilling pursuits.

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