Betty Turnbull

Betty Turnbull is an internationally acclaimed early childhood development educator. Turnbull has worked with avant garde schools – those in the coal-mining towns of Appalachia and those in the developing nation of Haiti where she directed the development of the first rural preschool program.  Today, hundreds of schools follow the model and curriculum Turnbull developed.

Turnbull, who believes that learning and growth should be fun, is passionate about the need for each child to develop a strong personal identity, a sense of belonging, and an understanding of self-worth.  As relationships are increasingly virtual, personal identity becomes blurred and confused with online id names and avatars.  Because the allure of fantasy and virtual worlds is so strong, it is vital that we help each child establish a strong foundational sense of personal identity, family, and heritage.

In order to enjoy a strong and positive personal identity, every child needs the stability of being a part of the overall scheme. One of the best ways for this to happen is through exciting stories that guide a child into projecting him or herself into the lives of believable charac­ters who overcome identifiable obstacles demonstrating self-worth.

By setting her stories in the real past, Turnbull adds to them the dimensions of interesting history and a beginning understanding of heritage.  Besides the positive impact of self worth provided by her exciting characters, their colorful yet intimate settings develop an interest in the past and heritage providing strong roots for childhood development and adult happiness.

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